Madkat XL mousepad

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Drift MADKAT XL is an extra large mousepad created to provide sliding speed and accuracy worthy of The King of YouTube.  Transform your gaming desk into a perfect sliding surface. 



Premium material

The MADKAT XL mousepad has been designed using premium materials that guarantee smooth and precise movements to get you to the next level of any game. It incorporates an extra smooth, thermally-treated surface. 

XL dimensions

Living up to its name, the MADKAT XL is a large mousepad: 900 x 350 mm and more than 3 mm thick, making any imperfection in your desk unnoticeable and offering extra comfort. It also has a non-slip base to keep you steady and stable in any game. 

PRO design

The Drift MADKAT XL has a border reinforced by stitched edges, which offers high resistance to wear-and-tear and gives you PRO immersion in your games day after day. 

The design of this mousepad shows gaming ferocity with details such as the MADKAT logo or the Japanese name of the renowned content creator in white. Precision, comfort, and durability that only the most premium materials can offer: with your Drift MADKAT XL no one will beat you in style, just like on the playing field.