Drift guarantees according to current laws and the following conditions all the products it distributes.

The use of the guarantee is understood within the Spanish and Portuguese terms.


The General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users ( Royal Decree Legislative 1/2007, of November 16 ) in its Article 2 ( General concept of consumer and user ) indicates that: “ For the purposes of this norm and without prejudice to As expressly provided in its third and fourth books, natural or legal persons are consumers or users who act in a field outside of a business or professional activity. “, so that purchases made by legal persons (companies, companies, etc.) are not covered by said Law and therefore some or all of the conditions indicated in this section will not apply.


Below we explain what the Spanish regulations are. Please read it carefully and if you have any doubts, contact us and we will clarify any point:

To complain about the lack of conformity of the product, you can contact Drift. The law establishes a general period of 2 years from when you purchase the product until you detect the problem.

If you detect a defect during the first 6 months from the delivery of the product, it is understood that the anomaly already existed when It was purchased and you, as a consumer, do not have to prove anything.

However, when the lack of conformity manifests itself after this period of 6 months and in doubtful cases, the manufacturer, in this case Drift, It could require a report by an independent expert and the expenses will be paid by the consumer, to process the guarantee.

During the time that you cannot use the product, the counting of the days of the term is suspended of the guarantee: for example, if the repair / replacement of a product lasts 15 days, the guarantee period will end 15 days later than originally foreseen, that is, let's say that the original date on which your guarantee would end is 15 November, with these 15 days that you have not been able use your product the new end date of your warranty would become November 30. You will have to prove said deadlines at the request of Drift through the corresponding transport delivery notes.

Drift will be responsible only for the first two years. When these two years have passed, it must be the customer who processes any problem with said product, Drift not being responsible for the management of said warranty extension.

The shipping costs generated by the processing of the product warranty they will be borne by Drift during the two years of warranty coverage. It will be under the instructions indicated by Drift, upon request and acceptance. For the purposes of the application of the guarantee, the “Customer's Address” will be considered the one indicated on the delivery note of the original order. Any increase in shipping costs caused by a change of address will have to be paid by the customer, always remaining at Drift's discretion to limit the collection and / or delivery to the customer's original address indicated in the order.


The consumer may complain if:

  • The good acquired does not conform to the description made by the seller.
  • The acquired good does not have the characteristics that the consumer had previously seen through a sample or model.
  • The acquired good is not suitable for the uses for which they usually consumer goods of the same type are intended.
  • It is not suitable for the special use that the consumer would have required and that the seller has specifically accepted.
  • Does not present the expected quality and performance, especially considering what the manufacturer has publicly stated (advertising, folle cough, labeling ...) that the seller or manufacturer have made about their specific characteristics.


  • Incomplete products , or sent for repair in inappropriate packaging or with packaging that is considered insufficient depending on the nature of the product.
  • Items that show signs of having been tampered with, scratched or deteriorated screws, breakage, deterioration or absence of seals or warranty labels or any label originally included in the article, as well as articles that present any type of modification, marks or adhesives not installed by the manufacturer.
  • Items scratched, beaten, fractured , damaged or broken due to mishandling, improper maintenance, improper locations, connectionsIncorrect setting, installation errors, or that have been used in a different way than what the manufacturer has specified.
  • Faults or defects caused in consumable items or accessories (batteries, etc.) or accessories (cartons, manuals, software supports, cables, etc.)
  • Excessive accumulation of dirt or foreign particles both on the outside and inside the product, as well as products with remains or signs of having been exposed to liquids of Any type.


Defects and damage caused by external events, accidents, wear and tear are excluded from any warranty. and due to misuse not in accordance with Drift's instructions.

Any damage or deterioration that occurs in the product sent to Drift for checking that is caused directly or indirectly by using a packaging or not having used the appropriate protection system or being insufficient.

Products manipulated, modified or repaired by the customer or any other person not authorized by Drift are also excluded.


In the event that the problem with the product is not covered by its warranty or when said problem has not been detected after a reasonable period of testing, it will be returned to the customer, having That the customer is the one who pays the shipping costs, in addition, they may also have to pay the labor used in the verification or test of the supposedly damaged item.


HELPDESK SLU, (hereinafter THE GUARANTEE), under the brand name SUPPORTER, domiciled in Tres Cantos, (Madrid), Ronda de Poniente 2, (Madrid), provided with the CIF B-62171434 Registered in the Madrid Mercantile Registry in Volume 17,557, Book 0, Folio 175, Section 8, Page M-301860 establishes the following General Conditions of Sale of the “Warranty Extension” service, for Fixed and Video consoles, marketed by stores associated with ATLAS INFORMÁTICA, SL. (hereinafter DISTRIBUTOR).

  1. Acquisition of the Warranty.

The acquisition of this Warranty is reserved exclusively for users who have purchased new equipment in the Drift online store. This guarantee is acquired by purchasing the new equipment and its corresponding guarantee. It is important and essential that you keep all the necessary documents that confirm the purchase of the equipment and the warranty.

With the purchase, you acknowledge that you have been made aware of the following general conditions of sale before acquiring the warranty. < / p>

The warranty will only apply to the product that you purchased and for which you expressly purchased the warranty.

  1. Definitions
  • Accident: Sudden, unforeseeable and unavoidable event, in which a factor or event totally external and unrelated to you intervenes, causing the fall, blow, or breakage of the Equipment under Warranty, not caused by you, and That is the exclusive cause of the material damage suffered by the Equipment under Warranty.
  • Client: Natural person, of legal age, owner of the Equipment under Warranty, purchaser of the Warranty and whose personal data appears on the invoice of purchase of the Equipment and the Warranty, as well as the individual who uses the Equipment under Warranty a with the consent of its owner and prior knowledge of the guarantor.
  • Guarantor: Entity that assumes the main obligation that is the object of the guarantee described in this document.
  • Fault: Damage that prevents the correct operation of the Equipment under Warranty, caused either by an electrical, electronic, electromechanical or internal mechanical phenomenon, or by the use and wear of the Equipment under Warranty.
  • Compliant failure: Failure that is diagnosed after a material examination " according ”to these general conditions by the SUPPORTER Technical Service and therefore activate the coverage provided for in this contract.
  • Intermittent Failure: Failure that is the cause of discontinuous operation of the Equipment under Warranty .
  • Natural Catastrophe: Special intensity of a natural agent (flood, landslide, mud spill, drought, earthquake ...).
  • Electrical damage: Damage caused by electric current , whatever your ca uses: heating, short circuit, voltage drop, insulation failure or atmospheric electricity.
  • Accidental material damage: Destruction or total or partial deterioration, which prevents the correct operation of the Equipment under Warranty and which is the consequence of an Accident.
  • Equipment under Warranty: It is the new product purchased at a DISTRIBUTOR's point of sale at the same time as its corresponding Warranty, or where appropriate the equipment isprovided under warranty by the manufacturer / distributor, provided that this is a similar equipment and is within the price range of the Warranty.
  • Replacement Equipment: Equipment with similar characteristics or benefits, which may be new or reconditioned, it may be provided for replacement of the Equipment under Warranty. The value of the replacement equipment may not be greater than the value of the equipment under warranty.
  • Third: Anyone other than you, your spouse, domestic partner, descendant or ascendant; as well as any person not authorized by you to use the Equipment under Warranty.
  • Use and Wear: Progressive deterioration of the Equipment under Warranty, or one or more of its components as a result of its use.
  • Purchase value: Value, taxes included, of the Equipment on the day of purchase and according to the amount detailed in the purchase invoice.
  1. Purpose and limits of the Warranty.

The purpose of the SUPPORTER Warranty Extension is the repair at the GUARANTEE's charge of mechanical or electrical breakdowns (including parts, labor and taxes), that may occur in the guaranteed products during the period of validity of the Warranty Extension, in accordance with the limits and exclusions established in this document. The external elements or peripherals of personal computers, will be considered as independent products of the personal computer, even in the case in which they were acquired together with the same. The compensation will consist of the repair or replacement of the damaged equipment. The maximum accumulated compensation for all breakdowns will be the purchase value of the Equipment under Warranty.

  1. Exclusions from the Warranty.

There are some exclusions of the guarantee that you would need to know: Faults and defects or damages that are a consequence of:

  • Natural disasters, climatic phenomena, civil or foreign war, rebellion or confiscation by the authorities, and any radiation, ionization or radioactivity contamination.
  • Accidental material damage and any damage caused by drops, bumps, breaks, liquid spills, power surges.
  • Any intentional or fraudulent act in Anyone who is found to have been done with malicious intent, committed by the Client or any person.
  • Any indirect damage, economic or not, suffered by the Client as a result of a claim, as well as the loss of data, software and other damages and responsibilities claimable under any other insurance or existing warranty.
  • Specific exclusions of the Manufacturer's Warranty indicated in its instruction manual, and / or use contrary to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Faults that are direct or indirect consequence of the exposure of the Equipment to light, climatic or environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and dust), notoriously inappropriate, and those caused by the obstruction of the ventilation system or the introduction of sand or liquids.
  • < li> The repair and / or manipulation (opening, modification of the content and original characteristics) of the Equipment, by an official technical service or not, once the manufacturer's warranty has expired and therefore within the period of coverage of this warranty, if it has not been previously authorized by SUPPORTER.
  • Faults that accessories and accessories may suffer.
  • Faults caused by accessories not approved by the manufacturer or by failures in transformers and generates external to the device, except when these have been provided directly by the manufacturer.
  • Manufacturing defects recognized or accepted by the manufacturer, epidemic failures, and any breakdown that the Equipment may suffer during the original warranty period of the manufacturer, as well as breakdowns caused by a defect manifestly existing during the manufacturer's warranty period, and therefore pre-existing when the coverage of this warranty comes into force.
  • Faults that originate in the installation of the equipment, as well as in the inadequate connection to the electrical current, adapter, stabilizer, surge suppressor or other equipment. When experiments, trials or tests during which it has been subjected to a greater than normal effort have been carried out with the Equipment under Warranty.
  • Faults that are due to normal wear and tear of the Equipment under Warranty, wear of batteries, oxidation, deterioration and wear due to the passage of time; formation of ice and / or frost in refrigerators and freezers; gas charges and checks in air conditioners.
  • Any Failure if the Equipment under Warranty cannot be physically delivered to SUPPORTER or if you cannot justify your rights regarding the Warranty (as indicated later in the point 5.3 of this document).
  • CuAny Failure if the serial number of the Equipment under Warranty is illegible, or it is modified.
  1. Procedure to activate the Guarantee

5.1. Declaration of Failure and diagnosis

Except for an act of God or force majeure, you must report the incident within 7 calendar days to SUPPORTER, by calling 902 099 861 or by email at follow@supporter.es (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.). Supporter will be the one who verifies the validity of the guarantee and will proceed to the necessary repairs or the replacement of the product if necessary. When the fault is admitted on a provisional basis, supporter will carry out a remote pre-diagnosis, based on the information you give them. This will be confirmed with the definitive diagnosis, carried out after physically inspecting the product under warranty. For any provisionally admitted fault, only Supporter can decide the nature of the intervention. In the event that the Technical Service does not detect any Failure covered by this Certificate, the Equipment under Warranty will return the product to you. In the event of replacement of the equipment, the Equipment under Warranty will become the property of Supporter.

5.2 Processing

Once the incident is provisionally admitted by the Technical Service, proceed as follows:

- In case of intervention at home: The Technical Service will carry out the diagnosis and / or repair at the address you indicate, being essential that you put the Equipment at the disposal of the Technical Service. The possible expenses caused by the assembly / disassembly or installation / uninstallation of the Equipment under Warranty necessary to proceed with the diagnosis and / or repair will have to be paid by you, as a customer.

- In case of intervention in the workshop or replacement: you will have to send the complete Warranty Equipment (accessories, connections, etc.) to supporter following packaging and shipping instructions that will be communicated to you precisely before ending the telephone conversation. SUPPORTER undertakes to give a diagnosis in the shortest possible time, without counting the transport or courier deadlines. Once the Equipment under Warranty has been repaired, it will be returned to you freight prepaid and to the address (in Spanish territory) that you indicate.

- Replacement: in case of a compliant Fault, the repair of which is discarded by SUPPORTER according to has been set forth in this document, you will receive a Replacement Kit.

5.3. Supporting documents

In all cases, you must systematically send supporter by email, to the address follow-up@supporter.es, the following supporting documents:

  • The Ticket or the invoice of purchase, proof of purchase of the equipment under warranty and of purchase of the warranty extension. Likewise, the supporter may request the intervention of an expert or researcher, if he considers it appropriate because there are doubts about how the breakdown or breakage occurred.
  1. Entry in force, duration and end of the Warranty Extension

6.1 The Warranty Extension

It comes into effect two years from the date of purchase according to the ticket of sale, that is, the same day on which the manufacturer / distributor guarantees cease to apply, and may have a duration of two (2) or three (3) years, depending on the guarantee you have decided to contract.

6.2 The Warranty Extension ends or is void:

  • On the date indicated in the Certificate.
  • In the event of acceptance and processing of faults, or replacement of the equipment.
  • In case of disappearance or total destruction of the Equipment under Guarantee without activation of the Guarantees related to this contract.
  • In case of not presenting the Proof of purchase of the Equipment under Guarantee and the corresponding Guarantee.
  • In case of non-payment of this Guarantee. The Client shall be responsible and take charge of the eventual expenses that have been generated that up to that moment had been assumed by SUPPORTER.
  • In case of fraud or attempted fraud in order to activate the Guarantee and benefit from its coverage.
  • In case of cancellation within the established period.
  • Due to breach of the main obligations, specified in these General Conditions of Sale contained in this Certificate.
  1. Modification of Accession

7.1. You will have a period of 14 (fourteen) full calendar days to exercise your right of withdrawal, starting from the day on which the purchase of the Warranty Extension is made. To do this, you must go exclusively to www.driftgaming.eu.

7.2. In case of change of the Equipment under Guarantee, within the framework of the legal Guarantee by the manufacturer or DISTRIBUTOR, or the Replacement Equipment is guaranteed under the same conditions asthe original Warranty Equipment, whose details appear on the purchase invoice for the Equipment and the Warranty, but only until the expiration date of the Warranty initially contracted at the time of purchase of the Equipment, being subject to the conditions that have been set out in this document.

7.3 Any modification of the adhesion (especially modifications of the serial number, the brand, the model) as a consequence of the change of the Equipment under Warranty subject to the conditions established in this document , or within the framework of the manufacturer's contractual guarantees, or even in the event of a change of name and / or address of the Client, you must declare them by postal service to SUPPORTER (HELPDESK SLU, Apartado de Correos nº 28 - 28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid ) within a period of 15 (fifteen) working days from the date of the change that has occurred, without penalty of loss of benefit from the Warranty Extension.

  1. Geographic Scope
  2. The service will be provided only in Spanish territory.

    1. Data Protection

    In compliance with Organic Law 3 / 2018, of December 5, Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights, which regulates the right to information in data collection, we inform you that your personal data will be incorporated into a data file of Personal Character owned by SUPPORTER (Helpdesk SLU), as File Manager, in order to maintain our contractual and commercial relationships with you. Likewise, SUPPORTER guarantees the owner of the data the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the data that concern him, having, for this, to be addressed by written communication that must be accompanied by a document that proves your identity to : Supporter (Data Protection) HELPDESK SLU, Apartado de Correos nº 28 - 28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid).

    1. Customer Service

    You can direct your complaints and claims to SUPPORTER who, as far as possible and within its scope, will attend and resolve the complaints and claims you present.

    1. Limitation of liability
    < p> SUPPORTER will not respond to a misuse of the Equipment under Guarantee, nor in the event that the client has not followed, for any reason beyond the Guarantor, the instructions for action after the incident reported and provided by it. SUPPORTER will not be responsible in case of being unable to fulfill its obligations, for reasons beyond its control. The deadlines are indicated in an approximate way and SUPPORTER's responsibility in case of delays will be excluded.

    1. Applicable jurisdiction

    This document of General Conditions is subject to Spanish jurisdiction.