Shipping and collection of your orders

These legal conditions will remain in force as long as the operating conditions of the company are completely normal. Except for certain exceptions, such as Christmas periods, in which the company must modify the shipping terms. Any change will be notified to the user through the official channels, as well as, the user is recommended to consult the corresponding section enabled for such occasions.

General conditions

Drift currently works together with MRW, a leading company in national and international parcel and message shipments. It is hereby established that the cut-off time to be able to process orders on the same day will be 4:00 p.m. Except for the month of August in which the time for placing orders will be established before 1:00 p.m. During said month, it is possible that a series of peculiarities may be incurred due to both staff vacations, wholesalers, and transport companies:

– The logistics operator may take longer than it should to send the tracking code so that the user can track their order.

Delivery times are set by the transport company and only working days (Monday to Friday) will be taken into account. MRW guarantees delivery times except in circumstances unrelated to the development of its service ( Example: adverse weather conditions that prevent or hinder road transport, such as floods, events of political importance, such as general strikes, etc. ).

The receipt of the order must be rejected by the user if it is observed that the package has been tampered with, opened or is in poor condition (including tears or bumps). The carrier will record on the delivery note the reason why the order is not accepted. From then on, the client has 24 hours to notify Drift of what has happened. You must contact us through the Returns section of the user panel (My Account) by selecting the option I had to reject my order because it arrived damaged.

If the customer accepts any package in such conditions, he will lose all right to claim, since the company is not responsible for possible damages suffered by the orders or that the material that we send you suffers manipulation or deterioration during its shipment.

Important: if the logistics operator has not been able to deliver the order, either because the address provided is wrong or forgot to add some data and the transport company has no way of finding the location, or repeated absences at the agreed place for the delivery, in case of wanting to cancel the order, the amount of the order will be paid, discounting in any case the postage and logistics expenses that have been generated in the delivery attempts of the order in question. It is essential that the user verify that all the information, such as address or delivery point, have all the necessary data so that the transport company can send the order without incident. If on the expected days of delivery the customer has a missed call or receives a call from an unknown telephone number, the return of the call is requested, since it is surely the transport company that is trying to agree on a delivery date. delivery and time Below is a table-summary where you can consult the usual shipping rates and deadlines for orders of a package, the shipping costs will be applied, therefore, per unit and depending on the different territories in which it operates.



Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands) and Portugal


Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands) and Portugal - Spare parts



*This price may oscillate, being free in certain campaigns and times of the year.
WE DO NOT SHIP: Ceuta, Melilla, Canary Islands, Portuguese Islands and destinations that do not appear in the table.