Floorpad Dark Gray
Floorpad Dark Gray
Floorpad Dark Gray
Floorpad Dark Gray


Floorpad Dark Gray

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Move with any type of chair (be it gaming, office or conventional) without fear of damaging the floor surface.


Elegant design

With a minimalist design in gray, textured vinyl surface, and a great feel, this gaming mat is made with top-quality materials and stands up to daily use without deteriorating.

Glide without limits

Its hexagonal form and 88 x 100 cm size offer plenty of space to play, study or work comfortably. You'll be able to move around without worrying about damaging the floor using any type of seat, whether it's a gaming, office or conventional chair. The Drift Floorpad Dark Gray adapts to the dimensions needed to be able to move comfortably and securely.

Floor protection

The Drift Floorpad Dark Gray is a gaming mat specifically designed to protect your floor. The ideal accessory for any setup, you'll be able to take care of your surfaces and enjoy an elegant design - leaving you time to concentrate on what really matters. If you have laminate or solid wood flooring, the Drift Floorpad Dark Gray is the perfect solution to avoid damage to the surface caused by your chair's movement. This addition to your gaming zone will prevent friction and scratches. This floorpad also dampens the noise that chair wheels can produce, moving you more quietly. As a result, wear and tear on your wheels is reduced too, and they'll stay in better condition for longer..

Non-slip base

The Drift Floorpad Dark Gray guarantees maximum adherence, staying in a fixed position on the ground without annoying creases or wrinkles. Lose yourself in the game without distractions, thanks to a protective mat which makes the best possible base for your chair.

Resistant and durable

Play without limits and enjoy your sessions of work or play. Move easily and with peace of mind. Resistant to liquid spills, the Drift Floorpad Dark Gray is an easy-to-clean chair mat that guarantees excellent durability over time.


Surface Textured vinyl
Base Anti-slip
Extras Washable and wear-resistant | Withstands pressure without degrading | Water resistant
Dimensions 88 x 100 x 0,3 cm (width x length x thickness)
Net weight 1.00 Kg
Gross weight 1.02 kg