Gaming desk DZ175 RGB

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Drift DZ175 is a carbon fiber gaming table with a full-size mouse pad, adjustable height, coaster, headphone holder, cable management system and sound-reactive RGB lighting.


Highly user-friendly 

Its compact size of just 130x60x75 cm allows it to fit in any space easily. The Drift DZ175 is a gaming desk made with high-quality materials, offering better stability. The top surface, laminated with carbon fibre, is pleasant to the touch and resistant to liquids and scratches.

RGB illumination

Its incredible RGB illumination, on both sides, matches the dark colour of the tabletop. The appearance of the DZ175 gamer desk invites you to dive right into every game and experience another level of gaming. Change the lighting colours and create your own gaming desktop. 

Reactive lights

In addition, the DZ175 incorporates a reactive function: the lighting features of this gaming desk change depending on sound, illuminating in one way or another according to the music or sounds produced by your speakers.

You can play with colours according to the style that suits you best, choosing between blue, red, green, violet, cyan, and yellow and leaving one colour fixed. In the reactive mode, you can choose between 6 different movement modes and 4 multicolour transition patterns.


You can perform every movement with precision thanks to the washable 80x30 cm mousepad: no arena or screen will stop you from taking that precious victory.

Drink holder ...

You can stay hydrated comfortably and without fear of spilled drinks during game-play. The DZ175 offers a cupholder for cans or glasses. Don't interrupt a game to recover your strength: keep your favourite drinks handy, avoiding accidents and surviving long gaming sessions.

... and headphones!

The Drift DZ175 also offers a headphone holder, optimising space and providing a surface for organising all of your devices.

Adjustable height

With its robust structure, you can alter the height of this gaming desk to a maximum of 75 cm thanks to its stable legs. The back table legs also have screws that allow them to be adjusted to adapt to the unevenness of the floor. 

Stability and resistance 

Stability is guaranteed with this gaming desk that can support a weight of 100 kg, enduring even the most difficult battles. The DZ175 is also the best desk for gamers who need a solid surface capable of supporting heavy equipment to carry out their day-to-day activities.

Easy assembly

The DZ175 is extremely easy to assemble. You can build this spacious desk in just a few simple steps. It also incorporates a cable organiser, utilising space more efficiently and helping you to improve performance, allowing you to concentrate on what's important: the brilliance of the game. 


LED lighting with multiple modes

Includes sound-reactive LED function

Dashboard with carbon fiber texture coating

Adhesive cable management holders included

Headphone and drink holder

Bottom storage compartment

Screw on two of the legs to align
Reference DRDZ175RGB | 8436587974526
Mousepad Stitched edges | 800 x 300 mm
Holders Headset | Drinks
General dimensions 130 x 75 x 60 cm
Board dimensions 120 x 60 cm (without RGB panel)
Net weight
14.6 Kg
Gross weight
18.4 Kg


* The details of this product, such as colors and finishes, are subject to possible modifications at any time and without prior notice.


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