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The DR275 is a gaming chair whose design and tones make it perfect for any type of environment. It is available in two colours: black and grey, both with high quality velvet finishes.


Flexible 4D armrests

The 4D armrests of the DR275 have extra padding and can be adjusted in any direction: you can adjust them in height, from left to right, forwards or backwards, as well as in lateral angle. Find the perfect posture!

Ultrasoft and breathable

The DR275 offers maximised ergonomics by combining the fabric with an optimal thickness of quilted FOAM padding to ensure the best experience. Constructed from high quality materials, this professional chair offers a long service life thanks to its premium upholstery, which keeps its shape, avoiding possible deformations due to continuous use.

Class 4 piston

It provides excellent resistance thanks to a solid structure. It also has a powerful, long-lasting class 4 gas piston, making the DR275 an incredible chair capable of supporting up to 150 kilos of weight.

Quiet ride

This gaming chair from Drift gives you the freedom of movement you need thanks to excellent stability and a smooth ride on all types of surfaces. The metal base is star-shaped, allowing the silent 60 mm nylon wheels, coated with polyurethane, to distribute themselves properly and safely.

Total relaxation

The DR275 is an ergonomic fabric chair that has been designed to allow you to stay in it all day long, be it during intense gaming sessions, study sessions or long working days. Its double action mechanism integrates a rocking function, which allows the weight of the body to be evenly distributed: you can maintain the right posture at all times thanks to its various adjustment possibilities.

Altura regulable

Podrás ajustar fácilmente la altura de tu DR275 y adaptarla a tu espacio de trabajo o mesa gaming, adecuándose a tus distintas necesidades sin complicaciones.

Máxima ergonomía: ajustala como quieras

La DR275 cuenta con un amplio respaldo liso, sin orificios, que permite disfrutar de la máxima comodidad. Podrás reclinar el respaldo desde los 90 hasta los 135 grados, encontrando tu ángulo ideal para hacerte con la victoria en las partidas más largas, hacer frente a las jornadas laborales que parecen no tener fin o, simplemente, para descansar.

Dos elegantes colores

Esta silla profesional está disponible en dos elegantes colores: negro y gris, ambos con cuidados acabados en terciopelo de gran calidad. La DR275 es una silla gaming cuyo diseño y tonos la hacen perfecta para cualquier tipo de entorno.


Referencia DR275
Material externo Fabric de alta calidad (tela)
Material interno Foam. Densidad 50 Kg/m3
Reposabrazos Pintados en negro con acolchado de poliuretano | Acolchado extra y ajustable (4D)
Base Tipo: estrella | Material: metal | Dimensiones: 700 mm
Ruedas Material: nailon | Color: negro | Diámetro: 60 mm
Elevador Pistón de gas de 80 mm | Clase 4 | Pintado en negro
Respaldo Ajustable 90- 135º
Basculante Doble acción (Frog Mechanism)
Funciones Giratoria | Respaldo reclinable | Sistema bloqueo | Balanceo
Medidas generales 66 x 123- 133 x 56 cm (An x Al x Pr)
Colores disponibles Negro, Gris
Peso neto 19 Kg
Peso máximo soportado 150 kg (Peso máximo permitido con el respaldo en posición vertical)
MODELO: DR275CLOUD - Gris | 8436587972225
DR275NIGHT - Negro | 8436587972218