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An immersive experience


Adjustable 2D armrests

The DR175's 2D armrests allow you to adjust the height and side angle. The armrests of this gaming chair have been designed to allow you to adopt a comfortable posture at any time.

Extra quality materials

This professional gaming chair is covered with high quality soft polyurethane and high density FOAM for ergonomic comfort. Its premium materials ensure a long service life.

Class 4 piston

The DR175 chair has a powerful class 4 gas piston, which allows it to support a weight of up to 150 kilos.

Nylon wheels

On its star-shaped nylon base are distributed its various wheels, all 60 mm, also made of this material. With a careful design, colour is also the protagonist in this area of the gaming chair.

Comfort guaranteed

For playing, studying or working, among the features of the Drift DR175 is the integrated butterfly mechanism, which allows for an adequate distribution of the body weight, improving your performance.

Adjustable height

Sit back and enjoy. Adjust the height of the DR175 to your workspace and conquer any map without difficulty. This gaming chair adjusts to all your needs, giving you the best feeling.

Reclining backrest

You can recline the backrest from 90 to 135 degrees, locking it in the position that suits you best and taking care of your back during long gaming sessions, study days or endless working days: relax whenever you want.

Cervical and lumbar cushions

To take care of the most delicate areas of the body, the Drift DR175 includes two soft cushions, one cervical and one lumbar, which help to keep the back in the correct position, adapting to it and resting properly.

Seis colores a elegir

Hazte con esta silla gaming profesional de Drift en el color que prefieras: rojo, verde, azul, gris, rosa o carbono, contando en este último caso con elegantes acabados en resistente fibra de carbono, para una estética gaming sobresaliente. ¡Elige el que mejor va con tu setup!


Referencia DR175
Material externo PU (poliuretano) suave de alta calidad
Material interno Foam de densidad 48Kg/m3
Reposabrazos Ajustable 2D | Acolchado de PU (poliuretano)
Base Estrella de nailon de 70 cm
Ruedas Material: nailon | Nº de radios: 6 | Diámetro: 60mm
Elevador Pistón de gas de 80 mm | Clase 4 | Incluye embellecedor
Funciones Función giratoria | Respaldo reclinable | Sistema de bloqueo de inclinación
Cojines Cervical y lumbar
Medidas generales 68 x 125- 135 x 52 cm (Ancho x Alto x Largo)
Colores disponibles Rojo/Negro · Verde/Negro · Azul/Negro · Rosa/Negro · Gris/Negro · Carbon/Negro
Peso neto 18 Kg
Peso máximo soportado 150 Kg
MODELO: DR175RED - Rojo/Negro | 8436587972157
DR175GREEN - Verde/Negro | 8436587972171
DR175BLUE - Azul/Negro | 8436587972164
DR175PINK - Rosa/Negro | 8436587972188
DR175GREY - Gris/Negro | 8436587972195
DR175CARBON - Carbon/Negro | 8436587972201