UCAM Special Edition

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Wear your team colors and face any challenge with the Drift UCAM Special Edition, an ergonomic professional gaming chair that will help you on your way to victory.


Adjustable 3D armrest

The armrests of the official UCAM Universidad Esports Club gaming chair come with extra padding and are adjustable in height, depth and rotation. You can adapt them so that your arms rest in the position that is most comfortable for you, and make gains in ergonomics.

Premium materials

All the materials that make this gaming chair are worthy of one of the most competitive teams on the national scene. The chair has a strong metal structure covered with padded foam and soft leatherette in blue and yellow, which are both of top quality and make it the perfect throne to lead on the battlefield

Class 4 piston

Drift chairs come equipped with a class 4 gas piston, which makes them extremely resistant to heavy weights.

Wheels and star base

The structure of this gaming throne is made of metal, on a star-shaped nylon base where its five wheels are positioned, which provides the chair with great stability and facilitates sliding.

Tilting seat

Drift chairs will offer you the greatest comfort possible thanks to their tilting system which means they adapt to your center of gravity, helping you to be that brave warrior that everyone fears and no-one wants to face.

Adjustable height

Their gas piston system allows you to easily adjust the height, comfortably adapting the chair to your gaming table or work/study environment.

Reclining backrest

This special edition boasts maximum ergonomics. You can recline its firm but padded back up to 135 degrees to rest your back during play, work, study or well-deserved breaks.

Neck and lumbar cushions

Drift UCAM Special Edition chairs incorporate two cushions to protect your most vulnerable areas. Specifically, a cushion for the lumbar area and another for the neck area are included, and will help you maintain a comfortable posture which avoids possible injuries derived from incorrect positions.

Fight like a true warrior

Adorn your setup with your team colors and sit on the gaming throne of the first professional university clubs in Europe, UCAM Universidad Esports Club. Unbox the Drift gaming chair and face any demon or dragon with this powerful armor.


Outer material

Smooth high quality PU faux leather

Inner material

Cold cured 50Kg / m3 density foam


3D Adjustable | PU (polyurethane) faux leather padding


Type: star | Material: nylon | Dimensions: 340mm


Material: nylon | Number of spokes: 10 | Diameter: 60mm


80 mm gas piston | Class 4 | Trim included


Rotating function | Reclining backrest | 90º - 135º adjustable backrest | Tilt locking system


Cervical and lumbar

General measures

65 x 52 x 129-135 cm (length x width x height))

Net weight

22 Kg

Maximum weight supported

150 Kg







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