Drift Movistar Riders
Drift Movistar Riders
Drift Movistar Riders
Drift Movistar Riders
Drift Movistar Riders
Drift Movistar Riders


Drift Movistar Riders

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Sit on this throne and feel the push to victory. The Drift Movistar Riders Special Edition has been developed in premium materials to guarantee maximum comfort during long gaming sessions.


Adjustable 4D armrests

The armrests are adjustable in height, position, depth and rotation, allowing you to rest your arms in any position you want, for maximum ergonomics while you focus on your game.

Premium materials

Finished with premium materials. Featuring a robust structure covered with dense foam padding and high quality polyskin.

Class 4 piston

The Drift chairs come equipped with a class 4 gas piston, which makes it extremely stable in every position.s.

Wheels and star base

A set of high-quality nylon wheels on a rigid star base provide great stability and ultra-smooth sliding.

Reclining backrest

The Drift Movistar Riders Special Edition has a backrest both firm in structure and well-padded so that you are able to recline in order to rest, play or work in the most comfortable way possible.

Tilting seat with locking system

This special edition has a tilting seat that adapts to you: you can adjust the angle between backrest and seat to always find the most comfortable position for you.

Adjustable height

With a solid gas lift system, you can adjust and regulate the height to that which is most convenient for your work or play space, along the whole distance allowed by the chair.

Multifunction mechanism

Its multifunction mechanism allows you to adapt to your center of gravity for perfect comfort and ergonomics.

Metal structure and Cold Cured Foam

The Drift Movistar Riders Special Edition is built on a robust metal structure covered by a padded Cold Cured Foam, comfortable and designed to retain its original shape over time..

Lumbar and cervical cushions

This special edition features two cushions: one for the lumbar zone and another one for the cervical zone. The result is outstanding ergonomics that help you to avoid harmful positions for your back.

The push to victory

Movistar Riders is one of the leading eSports clubs in Spain competing in the most popular games such as League of Legends, CSGO or Call of Duty. With 7 professional teams and more than 70 people that make up the entity, its players represent the Movistar Riders brand in multiple tournaments nationally and internationally.
The Club is based in the Movistar eSports Center, in Matadero Madrid, a high performance center where players and coaching staff have the most advanced facilities to develop their activity at the highest level.



Outer material

Smooth high quality PU faux leather

Inner material

Cold cured 50Kg / m3 density foam | Metal structure


3D Adjustable | PU (polyurethane) faux leather padding


Type: star | Material: nylon | Dimensions: 340mm


Material: nylon | Number of spokes: 10 | Diameter: 60mm


80 mm gas piston | Class 4 | Trim included


Rotating function | Reclining backrest | 90º - 135º adjustable backrest | Tilt locking system


Cervical and lumbar

General measures

52 x 65 x 129-135 cm (length x width x height)

Net weight

22 kg

Maximum weight supported

150 kg (Maximum weight supported whilst not reclined)