Elegant and modern, the DR550 is also synonymous with maximum comfort. Available in two sophisticated colors, black and brown, it incorporates an innovative mechanism that favors dynamic movement. Additionally, it’s smooth and reclining back make this model the perfect gaming or office chair

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The armrests are configurable in four directions, both height and position, depth and rotation. A precise fit for both gaming and office use with great durability.

Premium, extra soft materials

The PU leather that covers the DR550 is extra soft and allows for proper breathability. Its solid metal frame has a dense foam padding that provides the desired comfort level. With high-quality finishes, the DR550 will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding gamers.

Class 4 piston

The Drift DR550’s class 4 gas piston supports a large weight, up to 150 kilos, giving maximum stability and resistance.

Nylon wheels and metal base

Good grip and optimal gliding on any surface. Its star-shaped base, with a matte finish, allows you to stay in place when you don’t need to move, whilst helping you to move easily when you want to change your position.

Tilting seat

The padding of your seat, just like that of the backrest, provides superior comfort. In addition, the DR550 incorporates an innovative mechanism that allows for a dynamic swinging movement. The result is a gaming chair or office chair which is extremely versatile, thanks to its innovative mechanism and elegant finish. With the Drift DR550 you can work or play for hours at maximum performance.

Adjustable height

The DR550 has an adjustable height, so you can easily adapt your chair according to your needs. This means that at all times your posture is comfortable, with your feet resting on the ground, your legs forming a 90 degree angle and your arms aligned with the desk.

Smooth and reclining backrest

Everything about the DR550 has been ergonomically designed. It features an elegant, uninterrupted, and well-padded backrest without holes so that you can take a break when you need it most thanks to its inclination of up to 135 º, which gives you total comfort while you adopt a relaxed posture.

Lumbar and neck pillows

The Drift DR550 multiplies comfort by including two pillows designed to protect the most delicate part of the back and neck, facilitating the correct position.

Available in 2 colors

The elegant DR550 is available in two classic colors: leather brown and black.

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Type: star, Finish: matte black painted, Dimensions: 700mm


Black, Brown